Meet Johnathan

  • Secondary Education: Algonquin College Diploma in Fitness & Health Promotion
  • Certified Personal Trainer: Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology
  • Certified Personal Trainer: CanFit Pro
  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer: YMCA
  • Standard First Aid + Level C CPR + AED – FD/NP: St. John Ambulance
  • Level C CPR + AED: Ottawa Paramedic Services Community Medicine Program
  • Strength and conditioning coach: Ottawa Mavericks Volleyball Club (OMVC)
  • 6 years of full-time personal training experience

I was born on June 17th 1988 in Russell, Ontario. Ever since I was young, I have been active and have had a passion for athletics. I’ve always enjoyed being active and playing just about any sport possible. I grew up playing baseball at the age of 5 and played until I was 13. I was a pitcher throughout my baseball career and I did some minor damage to my elbow, this discouraged me from further pursuing the game. I was then drawn to Basketball; I’m 5”11 with a wingspan of 5”6 and small hands. I was definitely playing with a genetic disadvantage, but my competitive drive and love for the game helped me strive to become my best, regardless of my body type. I wasn’t always the highest achieving academic student in school; you could even call me a bit of troublemaker. My parents would always tell me “If you put as much hard work that you put into sports that you do with school, you could do anything you want”. As a kid, I never really paid too much attention to everything my parents would say, but I’m grateful they always cared enough to remind me and be in ears as much as possible.

Going into high school, I continued playing as many sports as possible. I developed a growing passion in exercise and nutrition. I had a very specific gym teacher who put me in my place many times, which helped me improve myself as a student and as a person. I was closed-minded and felt like I didn’t need to learn new things, but he helped me become more open-minded.

Attending Algonquin College in Ottawa helped me take my passion to the next level. During my studies, I was working with the Men’s Thunder basketball program while enrolled in the Fitness & Health promotion program. By combining my passion with basketball and exercise, I channeled my focus to help improve myself and the other athletes on the team. Throughout my two years in the program, I learned much about fitness in the classroom and on the basketball floor. These have carried over to my career in fitness and include;

  • Individualized programming
  • Educating about proper nutrition and timing
  • Applying proper techniques to exercise and safety
  • Educating athletes about exercise physiology
  • Pushing people beyond their normal capabilities

Although college was a great learning experience, I still felt there were many questions that I had unanswered. Soon after graduating, I was hired to work as a personal trainer at the Soloway Jewish Community Centre. At that time, I was dealing with a handful of knee, ankle, low back injuries and muscle atrophy from basketball and my training regiment. I wouldn’t say my quality of life was very high, it was more like managing pain 24/7 and modifying basic fundamental movements like walking. I felt that if I followed all the education and advice that had been given to me; to stretch profusely, ice all day long, do voodoo balancing exercises and eat according to that terrible excuse for a food pyramid, I would eventually bounce back to my youthful self– I was only 23 years of age at the time. However, I felt like I had doubled my age during the previous two years. I stuck to this plan religiously in hope of reclaiming my once youthful body. It was blessing in disguise that one day I met another fitness professional at work who completely changed my life and helped me become the trainer I am today. His name is Daniel Larabie. He is well known in the Ottawa area as an extremely knowledgeable and experienced fitness and health educator. After only a few moments of conversation, he challenged everything that I had ever believed in regarding fitness, but he backed everything up with scientific facts and common sense. I couldn’t come back with anything, I was speechless. I then pursued training with Daniel in hopes of fixing my current health issues because I trusted his knowledge and I wanted to learn more about his fitness regiment. I currently still work with Daniel, he has been mentoring me for the last three years. It is thanks to him that I am pain free, fully mobile, leaner, stronger than I have ever been as well as more knowledgeable and professional as a trainer.

I have a true passion for exercise and health, and I believe there is always more to learn. With the newfound knowledge I gain, I strive to apply that education to further help the people I meet. If you are truly committed to improving your quality of life, I encourage you to explore my site further to see how my services will benefit you in achieving your fitness goals.

God Bless,