Q: What is HIT?

A: High Intensity Training is a scientific rational form of exercise, backed by academic proof and journals. It’s conducted using progressive resistance that requires a high level of effort with shorter and infrequent workouts. Traditional training approaches will consist of low to moderate levels of effort and longer, more frequent workouts. In a nutshell, train hard, train briefly and train less often in order to achieve maximum results and efficiency.

This type of training modality can be conducted with any piece of resistance equipment. There are a wide variety of options to choose from. Some equipment is more beneficial than others, however, the most crucial factor is using the equipment appropriately.

High intensity training is not only for the bodybuilding world or those with a high level of fitness experience. We can apply this method of training to anyone’s goals by properly individualizing their personal needs and/or limitations. By doing so, you can effectively increase your muscular strength, improve cardiovascular, enhance flexibility and metabolic conditioning along with many other extremely beneficial aspects of health and fitness.