Johnathan’s Philosophy


Muscle mass is the foundation of all potential positive health benefits. Health complications that can occur due to a lack of muscle mass include: decreased basal metabolic rate, insulin sensitivity, increased body fat, decreased cardiovascular and metabolic capacity, increased blood pressure, osteoporosis, and increased risk of falling due to reduction in speed and steadiness of movement.

Exercise deserves your full attention and dedication in order to achieve your maximum potential. Anything less would not be considered exercise.

First and foremost safety is very important. In order to ensure safety, proper form is essential in order to minimize risk of potential long-term injury. Traditional exercise (Crossfit, plyometrics, “core stability”, “functional training”) has brainwashed people into underestimating the risk of injury and long-term damage by implementing improper training techniques. People argue they are consistently progressing from
these training methods, when in fact they are persistently causing potential long-term damage. Proper exercise still can require a high level of effort and intensity, but it should not undermine your health.

More than anything else, the effectiveness of exercise is related to effort. Effort is maximized with strict form. This involves complete focus, remaining stoic, maintaining control, correct positioning of the body and range of motion, designed to effectively load the muscles. Breaking form only reduces potential results by making the exercise easier.



Don’t be fooled by the person who puts on a show by grunting, grimacing, displaying bodily contortions and ludicrously lifting weights they cannot handle. This may be mistaken for a high level of effort and intensity, but in fact they are attempting to reduce the difficulty of the exercise and distract themselves from the discomfort of hard work.


A common issue with most individuals is that they don’t have sufficient time, and/or don’t want to spend a much time exercising. However, current fitness trends lead you to believe that in order to develop every area of fitness, more time needs to be devoted to numerous activities. Our time is very valuable and proper exercise is meant to be intense, but can be brief which won’t keep you from pursuing other goals. Progressive resistance training when performed correctly is still an effective method for advancing improvements in muscular strength, size and endurance, cardiovascular and metabolic efficiency, flexibility, bone density and connective tissue strength and body composition.

Routines that are safe, effective and efficient will result in success, progression and longevity. I want to promote training that follows these standards in order to maintain life-long health and functional ability with enjoyment of life as the standard, and to teach the best methods of achieving this.